To Peel or Not to Peel

What’s not to love?


It’s sad, but true: as we age our skin slows down and doesn’t renew as quickly. This process is called the cell renewal factor (CRF). Middle-age adults renew cells only every 28 to 42 days. As we age the CRF slows even more and excess dead cells accumulate on the surface of the body and face.


So, what’s a gal to do? We recommend coming in to Montage for a peel. Manual and chemical exfoliation both have great benefits. Besides helping speed up the cell turnover rate, exfoliation helps stimulate blood flow and circulation, increase moisture, and product penetration. This leaves the skin smooth with a brighter, more even tone.

Here’s a little education on the different peel types.


[list style=”list-img1″] Manual exfoliation sloughs off dead skin using methods like: Microdermabrasion, granular scrubs and brushes such as the Clarisonic. [/list]

[list style=”list-img1″] Chemical exfoliants cover a wide range of chemical peels, such as: Alpha hydroxyl acid (aha), beta hydroxyl acid (bha), lactic acid, glycolic acid or enzyme peels. [/list]

It’s important to consult with a skin specialist so you can benefit from the best treatment for your particular skin type. Be the envy of all your friends … come to Montage to rejuvenate your skin and glow during these cold, dry winter months!